RC Hydroplane: Some Basic Facts for Beginners

Radio Control or Remote Control RC Hydroplane in its wildest form is a type of transmitter control RC use as both a plane and a plane that could be used in the water. From the name itself it is hydro so it can be used in the water as a RC watercraft based and a plane that can be flown in the sky for a certain meters above.

If we try to trace it back in history RC planes were first invented by the Wright brothers in the year 1903. The first airplane was recognized by the (IFA) or International Federation of Aeronautics wherein it was recorded that the standard setting as well as the record keeping of the body chase of the airplane was, the first ever sustained and controlled aircraft which is heavier than the air but powerful in flight.

In the next two years, (1905) the Wright Flyer number III had the ability to fully sustained its flight and control its steady performance (stable flight) for a number of minutes. Not later that year the Wright brothers made the Otto Lilienthal as their major encouragement and inspiration for their ambition to pursue a self-manned flight.  A year after in 1906, Engineer Alberto Dumont made his claimed to have invented the first ever airplane that was unaided by the catapult and was said to be the first person to set the major world record on aa 2220 meters flight of the Aero-Club of France for more than 20 seconds. This was recognized and certified by the International Federation of Aeronautics (IFA)

Moreover, the earliest designed modern airplane with a tractor formation was the Bleriot VII I which was built in the year 1908. Amazing features on it was that it possesses a movable tail exterior making it possible for the yaw and pitch to be controlled. Also, a certain form of roll manoeuvre the wings or the ailerons by the pilot using a joystick and a rudder bar. With this invention, it is said to be that the Bleriot VIII was also the first Remote Control Aircraft. After a year, the Bleriot VIII became a predecessor of the salient innovation of a Bleriot XI Chanel which flew in the air for about 20 to 30 seconds.

During the onset of World War I the airplanes served as a vehicle to carry weapon and to inculcate the weapons as part of its control. Actually many movies have depicted this kind of scenarios during the World War I and demonstrated the potential of airplanes as war machines capable of skilled with the ability to caused casualties to the human race. Did you know that the earliest aerial triumph and victory was when the synchronized machine shooter firing was possible in the year 1915 which can be attributed to a German Engineer named Luftsreitkrafte Wintgens. It is said that the invention and innovation made by Wintgens was so far the greatest aerial win during the World War I.

Following the onset of World War I, the aircraft technology became more sophisticated and crucial as the main battles of World War II (the Allied power and the Axis power). The major international commercial flights of these airplanes took place in the area of the United States of America and Canada.

It was presumed then that the presence of the major key players during that time made possible for the incorporation of military techniques to be used in planes such as the America and Japanese airplane shipper of war in the Pacific Area.

More about that let us now go back to the major topic we had the RC Hydroplane and its extraordinary features.

RC Hydroplane

It is said that Radio Control Hydroplanes are fast type of aircraft because it is powered by a Nitro or Gas-Glow engines. It has the ability to send the Hydroplane across bodies of water like ponds, lakes, and fish pins (except salt waters and its kinds). Usually the RC Hydroplane runs for about 65 miles per hour or even more.

rc hydroplane

When it comes to rapidity and show or performance on the water the RC hydroplane would not disappoint you since possesses tremendous and marvellous speed even capturing the full scale equivalents even though the exhaust turbine part of the RC is gigantic in nature. RC Hydroplane was technically design for racing purposes and leisure activity as well. It is mostly the RC Hydroplane is outdoor in nature since the water and liquid inside the house is not sufficient enough to let it run through its course.

On the other hand when we say Gas generated RC Hydroplane the boat has a characteristic of pickle fork. Pickle Fork means that the front area of the boat is composed of a two prong which sticks out and is built for the ride on the air imprisoned underneath the boat giving it the speed it most likely needed. This explains the fact why RC Hydroplanes are slow in terms of flying ability but very fast and outstanding when use as a boat.

Things you need to consider

I know that many are asking, so what are the things that need to be considered once you had the RC Hydroplane or even before purchasing an RC Hydroplane.  In here we will try to discuss salient points and the things you need once you have an RC Hydroplane already.

First: You need to consider to at least finding a spacious ponds or any sizable lakes and the like. It is very important that you utilize both the boat and the plane of the RC Hydroplane. Before buying one make sure you have a place to conduct your activities and that you would not be able to disturb your neighbourhood. Take note that RC Hydroplane has very loud and noisy engine power to make sure to have your flying somewhere in the park, lakes, oval and the like.

Second: Once crashed it might get damage. One basic premise of RC  Hydroplane is that it is made of Fiberglass so once you accidentally dropped it from above there is a great tendency (up to 60%) that it will break. In order to avoid this make sure that you are conducting your flight run in a soil ground and not cement since cements are the major cause of these breakages.

Third: Power Source. Power sources of RC Hydroplane play vital roles in the performance of the Hydroplane. As mentioned, earlier, there are two kinds of engine the Gasoline and the Nitro. The Gasoline type of engine has better run off than Nitro but in the other hand, Nitro is safer than Gasoline especially for beginners and kids. Nitro is also more realistic in terms of power run but Gasoline has longer life in terms of major run offs.  If you try to consider these two elements you will really fall under confusion since you want both two properties to be present in one. But if you are always up to fun and excitement well the best RC Hydroplane for you is the Gasoline type while if you are planning to give it as a gift especially to younger audiences, of course, you will always consider the safety of their lives.

Models of RC Hydroplane

I know you are very excited to know more about RC Hydroplane that is why; we will discuss the different models of it including its specifications.

STARS & STRIPES (Fiberglass) RC Hydroplane – The stars and striped fiberglass RC Hydroplane is a Gas Powered type of RC Speed boat. It is among NitroRCX.com newest design Hydroplane that is extreme (49 inches) with a very high performance in a (2 stroke and 26 CC engine). It is in cylinder shape head and a full performance of throttle indicator that is responsible for regulating the gasoline. It has a water cooling system which always keep the RC Hydroplane relaxes and in extreme condition.

What is extraordinary about this RC Hydroplane is that is has amazing features which includes: strong plywood standing, exciting light effects (colors are in Read and Blue plus a little white), monster motor, racing RC Hydroplane and many more. It is an RTF (ready to function) RC Hydroplane which is about 90% relay to functions once out in the box and all you have to so is mount batteries to the batteries, the receiver and to the transmitter. Specifications of it:

  • Easy to start
  • Installed Propeller
  • Fiberglass Configuration (Hull)
  • Water pick up ready
  • Length 1250 mm or 49.21 inches
  • Beam: 9.84 inches or 260 millimeters
  • Height: 9.84 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 kilos or 278.66 ounces
  • Radio/Transmitter: 2 channel control and 2 servos
  • Engine type: 26 CC with clutch

ARTR Gas Powered Exceed Racing RC Hydroplane – just like the first one, this type if for racing activities and is also a speed boat. It usually costs before about $810.05 but now it has drop its price to $476.50 only still at the NitroRCX.com website. It is also a new design RC Hydroplane that has also a 2 stroke engine and 2 servos. It has actually almost the same features with the first model or RC Hydroplane and what only sets it apart is that is it an ARTR. Here are the specifications of this RC hydroplane:

  • It is polished already
  • Made of Fiberglass
  • Propeller pre-installed
  • Require batteries for the receiver and radio
  • Overall Diameter: 1250 mm (length), 610 mm or 24.01 inches (beam), 278.66 ounces (weight), and 9.84 inches (height)
  • D 79 or D 78 (Propeller)

Black and White Checker Hydroplane – The exceeding racing made of Fiberglass RC Hydroplane is also found in NitroNXC.com. It has amazing product reviews that are really reliable especially for beginners and the like. It is a high performance with 2 stroke engine. It is gas powered with a cylinder shape in the front with an amazing water cooling system. It is literally a 49 inches monster boat that is equipped with high performing quality in terms of paint work. It also comes along with a great plywood stand in order to maintain it perfectly. Specifications wise, it has relatively the same first two models provided in the articles.

You can actually know more about this RC hydroplane by visiting various online selling sites and read reviews in blogs and forums that are widely used now days.

Who can use this?

The usage of this Rc Hydroplane Gas or Rc Hydroplane Nitro and the like are for everyone. Though there are some age limit restrictions but with supervision of parent or guardian young audiences can also play with it. It is best outdoor RC Hydroplane since it needs sizeable outdoor area especially for its boat to function well. Moreover, I will provide you best online stores where you can buy this.

Where to buy RC Hydroplane?

  • Ebay.com – Ebay.com is the leading online stores where you could find the best RC Hydroplane and affordable to your wallet and budget. When it comes to payment terms Ebay.com offers instalment packages and there are many RC Hydroplane available in various colours. Also, Ebayc.om provides reviews on it so you would be very aware of the plane you are going to buy.
  • NitroRCX.com – as you can see all the models featured in the article are from this site. What is really nice about this site is that it offers discounts on various regular merchandises until the end of the month only. And if you are up to something new, well this is the best site you need to visit. There are also RC Hydroplane small up to large sizes in this site so you would never go wrong in here.
  • Amazon.com – at amazon.com you could find RC Hydroplane kit and other RC Hydroplane parts that are resell by owners of RC Hydroplane at a very affordable price. In here you also have the chance to be a member of their club and avail discounts on items. Amazon.com also provides customise RC Hydroplane at a very cheap and reasonable price.

Other sites that you can visit are: Walmart.com, Toys R Us and Target.com.