FMS RC Planes: Different Models to Choose from

The Flit Model Shenzhen Limited or FMS Ltd. is an expert company designer and producer of Exclusive Provider Organizer of Remote or Radio Control Planes. What this company major highlight is their team of skilled and capable Research and Development team, rigorous Quality and Quantity Control, strict product inspection procedures,  compassionate and demonstrative Sale person and dutiful workforce under the a transformational decisive leadership.

The Company started as a small designer firm in the year 2008 during the height of Anime entertainment in Japan. The company then evolves into a professional designer of FMS RC Planes and other RC Aircrafts.

The culture the company exemplifies is that “Making Small Big”. Meaning the company ensures that the small part of an RC Plane is precise in its place and is functional and very effective paving the way to upsurge a strong and robust Big RC plane models. With that, the company gains its huge and instant popularity in the field of RC Planes in current small range. Today, the FMS RC Planes Limited is grown fast across the ladder in the industry of Remote Control products from small to big just like what they called as Flit. That is how the company got its company; obviously the Shenzhen name came from the name of place where the Company is located.

More about the History of FMS RC Planes, let us now take a short journey on the plight and development of RC Planes. Do you know the history of RC Planes?

RC Planes are various aircraft models that are flown into the air using a specialize transmitter. The first ever RC Plane was an RC Helicopter by Dr. Schlute, a French Engineer who was inspired by the real Helicopter flight dynamics. As a child, Schlute always dreamt of riding and maneuvering a real Helicopter in life but due to some financial constraint he was not able to live his dream into a reality. That is why; it led that experience of his and motivation to create an RC Helicopter to at least relieve his dream, if not riding it, maneuvering it from the ground while still in sight. His RC Helicopter was the start of Remote Control Aircraft modeling leading to diverse models conversion to RC products.

Now a day, there are already various types of RC Aircraft such as Remote Control Sailplanes, Remote Control Gliders, RC Sports, Remote Control Helicopter and Radio Control Jet Plane. There are actually two types of RC Aircrafts the Electric and Nitro one and also two nature of it the RTF and ARF. The difference between the RTF and ARF is that RTF RC Planes are ready to function once out in the box. In here there is no need of assembling the product anymore and all you need is just put the battery on the transmitter, read the instructions carefully, prepare the model for a take off and Viola! You are ready for a nice and smooth sailing glide in the air.

ARF on the other hand, are almost ready to function RC Aircraft or those that need assembling elements involve. In here, you need to have patience and tons of mechanical abilities to build the RC Plane that is functional and operational. With this type develop your critical thinking and creative side in coming up with an RC Plane basing only n the instruction and blueprint you have.

So much more to that let us now discuss more about the different FMS RC Planes and its specifications, features and difference and similarities with other RC Planes brand.

FMS RC Planes products

As a new bee in the industry of RC making the company is in the verge of developing and creating of new products for its customer. So far it has advertised 5 products in its website and currently undergoing renovation and innovation. With such, here are some of the FMS RC planes products that you could find in its website.

Bi-Plane EPO Pitts FMS RC Planes

This FMS RC Plane is an aircraft that has great scale look and appearance and very stable when it comes to flight dynamics. With its EPO materials the precuts is highly durable from damages and breakages since it is made of light metal chasing making it very robust from any falls. It also contains a realistic sound features that are surely very attractive to children and young players since they are hearing an authentic sound of it. it has an easy control properties especially for beginners and does not contain small parts and the like that might be swallowed by young audiences.

Also for advance pilots, there is a 3D simulator for it that offers great tutorial and guideline on how to man a RC Plan using the correct transmitter channel. Aside from that it is also very easy to assemble and install parts into places it will just take you for an hour to have it in place and your mechanical skills will be widened. Here are the specifications of the FMS Bi-Plane:

  • 1400 mm wingspan
  • 1340 mm length
  • 3200 grams or 3.2 kilos in terms of weight
  • Blade propeller: 16 inches by 8.3 inches
  • Made of Durable EPO
  • 2.4 GHz with 4 channel transmitter
  • 60 A Brushless
  • Servo Motor: 40 grams
  • Battery (model): 14.8 V (3300 mAH)
  • Battery (transmitter): 6 AA Batteries

FPV RC Plane EPO P3A Columbia FMS RC Planes

This RC Plane comes with a combination of white, blue, read and yellow color that are for all level of pilots. This product is upgradeable with FPV Plane features making the plane have longer flight runs with short charging time. It is also very durable just like the Bi-Plane because it has an EPO property and the engine of it never shakes once flown in the air since it has been strategically positioned in a certain place.

For advance pilots they could enjoy a great time of having an amazing aerobatic flight elements with easy installation for various parts and elements on it. Also the item has a special reinforcement that guarantees its hype performance that will really wowed the audience. Not to mention that it has a fantastic quality P3A Trainer’s guide and information. Let us have a quick look on the specification of this product:

  • 1380 millimeter wingspan
  • 993 mm length
  • EPO Material
  • Motor is Brushless – 36 mm
  • 30A ESC
  • Weight: 1250 grams or 1.2 kilos
  • Transmitter: 4 channel with 2.4 GHz
  • Battery (transmitter): 11.1V (2200 mAh)

Trainer Airplanes & Warbirds Cessna 182 FMS RC Planes

The Cessna 182 EPO is the most popular FMS RC Planes this plane is a very good start to beginners. Just like the first two, it is also made of EPO materials making it highly durable and less susceptible to breakage. It is a Ready to fly type of FMS RC Planes and has also easy installation procedure and processes. In its package comes a complete set of accessories and training kits. The low wing loading element of Cessna 182 makes it for the plane easy to maneuver and fly.

The Cessna 182 EPO has a brilliant aerobatics and 3D simulator performance that can be replayed to view previous performance. It is powered by an electric brushless engine and has a big scale in terms of stability and appearance as well. It comes with a combination of white and blue color with other specific details and for your perusal here is a complete specification of the model:

  • 1410 mm or 55.5 inches wingspan
  • 1030 mm or 40.5 inches Fuselage dimension
  • Engine: Out Runner High Torque Engine (Brushless)
  • 30A Speed Manager
  • Servo Dimension: 4 x 9 g (high speed) and it is a Micro Servo
  • Battery (RC Plane): 11.1V (2200 mAH) LiPo
  • Radio Control: 4 channel and 2.4 GHz (Multifunctional Receiver)

FMS Spitfire Radio Control Electric Airplane

This product just cost from $100 to $135 in The payment term of this product can be done via recognize credit card or even cash on delivery. The specification of this product are as follow: it is powered by battery specifically by a 7.4V (1000mAh), 15C or 11.1V  (850mAh) LiPo, it is made of plastic and has a style of Radio Control Toy. The product was manufactured at China and has a model number of FMS SPITFIRE-KIT.

The wingspan of FMS Spitfire is 800 mm, length of 690 mm and flying weight of 405 grams. It is actually a mini type of FMS RC Planes and comes with a complete packaging and delivery (internationally). It also has many colors and arrives in your home for a period of 3 working days (upon payment). The model also has a 4 channel transmitter Radio Control (full function) which includes movement of Elevator, Rudder, Aileron and Throttle. The new 2.4 GHz has function of automatic precision and identification of functions being pressed (it has an international standard). The plane is made of high quality materials, outstanding stability features and remarkable aerobatic performance.

It is easy to assemble and has a strong and solid landing gear plus it is low maintenance so you would not worry much about maintaining it. It is best in outdoor activity and has a flight time of about 10 minutes with the help of an excellent LiPo battery life. it also comes with a  socmpete set of kits including free screwdrivers and informational guidelines.

These are the major products of FMS Ltd. that you could find in its website. The other two are just other colors of the firs one which is the Bi-Plane and the last one which is the Cessna now on this juncture, let us have a discussion of what makes FMS RC Planes different from the other RC Plane brands.

FMS rc planes

What sets FMS RC Planes apart from others?

Though FMS RC Planes is just new in the industry and is still developing new product, what makes the product of FMS is that it has simulators that are the best especially for beginners and novice in this field.

The FMS RC Planes are made of EPO strict quality standard which means that it underwent patent right recognized by the European Remote Control Counterparts. All FMS RC Planes are durable in its strictest form and high performance level since it sees that even the smallest parts are in it exact position without sacrificing the overall output of the model. Also all comes in 4 channel transmitter which is the most ideal transmitter receiver since you could fully utilize the usage of it as well as you can maximize all the functions without neglecting anything.

Who can use FMS RC Planes?

The usage of FMS RC Planes was actually design to be for everyone’s benefit. Actually each FMS RC Planes is for every pilot whether beginner, intermediate or professional in the field already. Usually can be for both indoor and outdoor use especially in parks and open area. It is also best use during your free time like long weekends, family outing, friends camp out or just a simple get away for a couple of days. But first you need to know where to buy this.

Where to buy FMS RC Planes

Here are the places you need to see for FMS RC Planes.

  • – of course the very obvious site to buy this product is through there site. The site provides you with the complete specification, features and other details you need to know about the item. The site ships internationally and assures you that the product it in good condition once out in the box.
  • – as mentioned earlier the also offers FMS RC Planes in great selection and payment terms and condition for a very affordable price. There are also kits and other accessories being sell in the site that are not only affordable but are also in universal status.
  • – has also FMS item available in its site that are in various colors. Warranty wise and maintenance services, would not let you down since it offer amazing terms and condition that you would definitely like. Also your budget would not go wrong in this website.