Flying Helicopter Toy – RC Helicopters for One and All

Flying helicopter toy just like the authentic one have the ability to fly back and forth in the latitudinal axis and hover through a rotorcraft. They said that helicopters were developed and built during the era of World War II on set which was then used as a vehicular means to transport soldiers, food and carry large cargoes of weapon and the like things that were badly needed during that time.

It can be attributed to the two Breguet brothers that took a brave heart to experiment with so called foils which is said to be the first helicopter. They called that experiment with Gyroplane helicopter which was able to lift its passenger pilot up into the air approximately two feet high (0.6m) for about a minute or so. Though, Gyroplane 1 had proven to have some uncertainty, like not having a steady and proportional airframe to hold firmly the pilot maneuvering it, it was still considered as the first ever helicopter that was manned and free from flight dilemma and distresses.

Also, in those following years, another engineer named Paul Cornu built and developed a similar aircraft that was more dynamic and versatile to the environment and nature of place. In here, the helicopter was able to flight to a 20 foot (6m) high with counter effect rotational axis with a diameter of 18 kW which an engine named Antoinette.  It was also reported that Gyroplane 1 was the first ever truly helicopter to hover in to the air with a person that manned it manually for about 6.5 feet high above the ground that proves to stable for the longest time so far. However, Gyroplane 1 was abandoned due also to the fact that its new succeeding flights were unsteady and stuttering already.

In the next succeeding years, Engineer Raul Castelluccio, did another breaking taking milestone for the advancement and progress of helicopter. He was the first engineer to demonstrate the first ever and most successful application of what they called cyclic pitch, which enables helicopter to coaxial, counter-rotate, and up and down the lifts it can produce cyclically. It was also him who introduced and demonstrated the principle or paradigm of we called now autorotation for helicopter. Though Pescara’s helicopter was found to be too heavy-duty that it cannot able to lift its body on its own, it has led to the development and discovery of even more radial engine that could handle the weight of such aircraft.

And up to date, helicopters have been used in many purposes, such as means of transportation, air ambulance, police and government vehicles; carry loader vehicle and the like things. It has also taken into the form of miniature size and large scale such as remote or radio control helicopters that have been a new source of fun and excitement not only for children but also for pilots and enthusiasts.  And now, the hippest and trendiest flying helicopter toy has taken the scene as a new mainstream activity and bonding moments for family and friends.

With that being mention, here is a quick overview of what are remote control helicopter and what are the things you can get out form this so called flying helicopter toy too. So, just sit back and relax and be ready for some bumpy ride in this course.

RC Helicopter Overview

If you try to search it in the internet, rc helicopter or radio control helicopter is defined as a model aircraft that has a distinct and diverse in terms of constructions, aerodynamics and flight training as compared to the usual rc aircraft manufacture and distributed in markets worldwide. Rc helicopters have properties such as collective or cyclic pitch, four (4) rotational blades (usually, there are other that have 2 blades only), longitudinal axis that may vary when it is altered or change in the angle attack depending on the model and brand of the rc helicopter.

Several rc helicopters are being control and maneuvered by what they call as servo motors. There are some servo motors that are pre-positioned and assembled already to those rtf rc helicopter, while there are other that are not yet embedded in the rc helicopter or those arf rc helicopters. Usually the servo motors are used on the tail rotor of the rc helicopter to enabled to control and counter the wind and induced rotor movement through its tail. Mechanically, there are diverse type and sizes of servo motors that you can used to your rc helicopters.

Rc helicopter are typically powered by glow or nitro fuel or either electric one. Glow fuel rc helicopter are typically lower and slower in terms of flight acceleration as compared to the electric one. The fly time of glow fuelled rc helicopters only last for six to eight (6 to 12) minutes as compared to electric helicopters which have eight to fifteen (8 to 15) minutes. Moreover, glow fuel remote control helicopter are larger and are often heavy duty and high maintenance unlike the electric rc helicopter which are smaller and less complicated and sophisticated to control with a six (6) channel transmitter and has universal mode. Though, nitro fuel radio control helicopters are not so common now a day, it is still used and collected by hobbyist and pilots due to the fact that it will really challenge you in terms of your aerodynamics abilities and patience in handling complex and very much sophisticated remote control helicopter.

Flying Helicopter Toy for Kids

The best flying helicopter toys for toddlers and kids are those flying helicopters that are min and micro. For some reasons toddlers or children could not handle big and enormous that requires high maintenance and are so much of a heavy duty that is why here are the best recommend flying helicopter toys for them.

  • The Mini Flying RC Helicopters Toys

Mini RC helicopters are those flying helicopter toys as seen on T.V. have the following characteristics:

Rotor distance: The rotor diameter of a mini rc helicopter only ranges from 140 – 290 (6 inches – 12 inches). You can actually hold with your one hand and carry it anywhere. This kind of flying helicopter toy is good as an indoor and outdoor rc toys.

Engine size: mostly electric because this kind of flying helicopters is too petite for glow fuel or methanol or by gas

Channel: 3 to 6 channels

Flight time: mini flying helicopter flight time last for five (5) to seven (7) minutes

Flight height: six to nine (6 to 9) inches and is rechargeable for forty to sixty (40 to 60) minutes

Examples of mini remote control flying helicopter: Mini Blade mCX2 RTF, Blade MCX2 BNF2480 helicopter and Syma S107

  • Flying Micro Helicopters Toys

When we say micro flying helicopter toys it usually have these following specifications:

Rotor length: it has a bigger rotor range as compared to mini rc helicopter which is (12 inches – 24 inches)

Engine type: it uses and utilizes a 200 – 320 engine series type

Engine size:  (there are nitro gas fuelled micro helicopter but there are also electric micro flying helicopter toys)

Flight time: the flight time of micro rc helicopter ranges from eight to twelve (8 to 12) minutes

Servo motor is already pre-positioned

Mostly of these micro flying helicopters toys are RTF (rarely sees arf micro flying helicopter toys)

Examples of micro rc helicopter: Blade Scout CX, Blade 130 X Bind N Fl, Nine Eagles 210A Draco Electric and a lot more.

flying helicopter toy

What Are The Best Flying Helicopter Toys For Adults?

So finding out the best flying helicopter toys for adults entail so much time and effort. (Well, everyone bet so). With such, I am giving you these two types of rc helicopters to choose from:

  • Small/Miniature Size Flying Helicopters Toys

Small size flying helicopter toys defer from mini and micro rc helicopters in the following manners:

Rotor: much greater and bigger than the min and micro rc helicopter:  (24 inches – 48 inches)

This type of rc helicopter are nitro or glue fuelled. That is why this is best recommended for adults since it is quiet dangerous for little audience to handle. (Provided that there is enough parental guidance upon usage of this, then you can let you kiddos have a taste of what this rc toys is all about)

Price range: $150 to $200

Examples of small size helicopters: Walkera LM130D01 Flybarless, Align T-Rex 100x Super Jumbo and a lot more.

  • Fixed And Big Flying Helicopter Toys

Rotor type: (48 inches – 60 inches)

Mostly nitro fuelled and glow fuel rc flying helicopter toys

Servo motor: usually not assemble

ARF helicopters and can be customized

5 to 7 channels are available

Both outdoor and indoor use rc flying helicopter toy

Four blade helicopter (4)

Examples of this flying helicopter toys are: Sanhuan SH 6020, Art Tech Genius 500 and Syma S105G

Mostly nitro fuelled, arf and rtf

Servo motor can be and not be pre-positioned (mainly depends on the brand and model)

Spare parts are often expensive and hard to find

Charging time: sixty to one hundred minutes (60 to 120 minutes)

Outdoor type of remote control helicopter

Examples of this kind of rc helicopter: HCW 521 521/A

These two types of flying helicopter toys are outdoor toys since it requires big space to fly to let it hover and rotate longitudinally. Not only that, these are also can be controlled using your iphone and android phones. So you can get rid of the transmitter already. Mostly of these types it has 6 to 8 channels in its transmitter so it is quiet big to carry around places and the like.

Models of Flying Helicopter Toy

There are actually a lot of models of flying helicopter. As mentioned earlier, it plainly depends upon which type are you hooked up or which of the types can hyped up you lazy days in life. Upon buying flying helicopter toys, you need to bear in mind the important things you must consider and here are those things:

  • Flying helicopter toy circuit
  • Flying helicopter toy cost
  • Flying helicopter toy deals
  • Flying helicopter toy manual
  • Flying helicopter toy reviews
  • Flying helicopter toy price; and
  • Flying helicopter toy parts

Considering all these important features you need to find, as a whole package, in a flying helicopter toys, here are some of the models that will surely not let you down:

  • WL S215 3.5CH – can be control using iphone or android (a very revolutionize version of flying helicopter toy) and cost $65.99 only. (Very cheap!)
  • Large avatar 2.4G 4ch Rc helicopter YD-711
  • Syma Gyro Large Scale helicopter
  • Rc Monster helicopter
  • Nitro rc indoor helicopters

When to Use the Flying Helicopter Toy

The flying helicopter toys are for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or pro in this field you are very much welcome to play with these toys and spend a great weekend ahead with you love ones and friends. Aside from that these flying helicopters can be used as indoor and outdoor too. Just make sure that when you use these flying helicopter toys outside its not gloomy and so windy so that you can enjoy its aerodynamic and aerobatic abilities. Also when you use this indoor make sure that you have high ceiling flooring so that it would not hit and drop down (and get damage easily)

Though these types of rc helicopters are very fragile to handle, it still prove to give maximum satisfaction and thrilling and cool, fun experience playing with it. Take note: if you want to maintain the good condition and performance of your rc helicopter, you need to have reserve parts and replacement kits for any trouble shooting that might happened. But, before that, you might be wondering, where to buy these amazing and remarkable flying helicopter toys?

Where to Buy Flying Helicopter Toys

Mostly excellent remote control helicopter toys are found in online selling sites such as:

  • Walmart
  • Toys r us
  • Target
  • Esky

In these sites you only not have great selection on rc helicopters but you also get great payment scheme, PLUS, free shipping of your flying helicopter toys.